About us

“Polisario Confidential” is an electronic publication dealing with the conflict of Western Sahara in three languages (French, English and Spanish), the objective of which is to provide information on the Cold War between Algeria and the Kingdom of Morocco, in a context where alliances are disrupted and balances are reversed around energy interests (Algerian side) and political interests (Moroccan side).
The Western Sahara conflict has great implications for the Maghreb region, but also for peace and stability in Africa, hence there is a need to understand the real stakes, and sometimes follow up the news to understand the agenda of the concerned parties and new introduced elements.
With correspondents operating in the higher reaches of the Maghreb and Sahara authorities, the “Polisario Confidential” has been able, over the past three years, to reveal more exclusive information, transmitted by several international media.

In 2008, Polisario Confidential unveiled an exclusive photograph of General Kurt Mosgaard, former military head of MINURSO, wearing a pin representing Polisario Front movement, thus, generating an international outrage.
Given the denials of the implicated person, “Polisario Confidential” has proposed to submit the photos for expertise to an independent laboratory, but General Mosgaard did not respond to this request.

Polisario Confidential is managed by Khalid Ibrahim Khaled, a Sahrawi journalist living in Spain. He carried out important duties in the Polisario Front media in the late 70s.