Exclusive: Henri Curiel’s shadow

In the book «Carnets Intimes de la DST”, Raymond Nart, former deputy director of the (DST), France’s domestic counterespionage and anti-terrorist agency, explains why an event which has occurred in 1978, the assassination of Henri Curiel, communist and famous political activist, had an impact in the South African reversal of position in 2004 concerning the western Sahara conflict and their sudden support of the Polisario Front: Henri Curiel would have been gunned down at his Paris home by the south African apartheid secret police for his help to the ANC.
We also learn that the views of the two famous adversaries of Morocco (Algeria and South Africa) on the Western Sahara file were not always what they seem to be today.

In the Sixties, The same Curiel had provided the FLN (Algerian National Liberation Front) with tactical support and logistics has devoted his organizational skills and even became one of the “suitcase carriers” of the FLN. He will spend eighteen months in Fresnes prison because of those activities.
In the seventies and following  orders from Algerian military with whom he was still in business, Curiel becomes one of the most big supporters of the Polisario Front.
According to reliable information obtained by Polisario-confidential, before the publishing of the book containing Raymond Nart revelations, the French secret services would have informed their Algerian counterparts of the role played by South Africa in the assassination of the activist. This has encouraged Algiers to put pressure on Pretoria in recognizing the Polisario Front.
In fact, it is partly because of an “assassination” decision made by the apartheid government that Thabo Mbeki, in order to preserve stability and peace in his country, has switched his position towards morocco and decided to recognize the Polisario Front guerilla…


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