King Mohammed VI unveils polisario’s debacle: 163 countries do not recognize SADR

King Mohammed VI confirmed Wednesday the Polisario separatist front’s debacle and gave the precise figure of the countries that do not recognize the fictitious SADR entity, i.e.163 states.

In a speech addressed to the Nation on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI indicated that Morocco has always displayed a clear position on the Moroccanness of the Sahara, inspired by its firm belief in the justness of its Cause and the legitimacy of its rights.

It is, therefore, with sincerity and in good faith that Morocco will continue to work to achieve a political, realistic, practical and consensual solution based exclusively on the political approach adopted by the United Nations Organization and the relevant Security Council resolutions.

Stressing that the Autonomy Initiative is not only serious and credible, but also rooted in sound principles, the King said it is the only way forward towards a settlement guaranteeing full respect for the Kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity

The Autonomy Initiative is also reinforced by the partnerships and agreements which have been signed by Morocco with the influential powers as well as with many countries and sister nations, and which concern all the Kingdom’s regions, including the Saharan provinces, King Mohammed VI said.

On the ground in the Sahara, development programs are making great strides. Over the past two years, 87 projects were completed for more than 7 billion Dirhams.

State investments will increase from 77 to 81 billion dirhams by 2020, while international companies, confident in the potential of the Southern Provinces, will be queuing to operate in the region.

Serving Saharan cities by various international airlines, opening a new McDonald’s in Laayoune, or organizing international conferences, like the Crans Montana Forum, in Dakhla, are the perfect example of a thriving region.


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