Sahara: The Peruvian friend who advises the Polisario to be realistic

Times change and so do attitudes. The Polisario’s own friends are now advising the separatists to be realistic and accept autonomy in the Sahara proposed by Morocco, even if such a decision is not in the hands of Brahim Ghali, but in Algeria’s. This time, the advice came from the Peruvian Council of friendship with the RASD, the pseudo-republic self-proclaimed by the Polisario and its mentor, Algeria.

Ricardo Sanchez Serra, founder and president of the Peruvian Friendship Council with RASD, realized that the Polisario is just going around in circles. So, he decided to tell the separatists to wake up and be realistic.

Actually, Ricardo Sanchez Serra believes that the Polisario “should seize the historic opportunity offered by the UN political process and accept autonomy, with international guarantees, proposed by Morocco.”

From Peru, Ricardo Sanchez Serra, who knows how appalling the situation in the Tindouf camps is, said “those who think the same thing within the Polisario are numerous and many have even expressed their dissent publicly.”

However, the advice of the Polisario’s Peruvian friend is likely to fall on deaf ears. Because the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco continues to be fiercely fought by the polisario, or rather by the Algerian regime.

This, although the autonomy initiative has been welcomed by many major capitals around the world, and has been described by the Security Council as “credible and realistic” in order to turn the page on a longstanding conflict, remnant of the Cold War era.


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