King Mohammed VI Hopes for Revival of “Sincere Solidarity” between Algerian, Moroccan peoples  

Mohammed-VIKing Mohammed VI has once again reached out to Algeria, expressing hope for sincere solidarity between the Algerian and Moroccan peoples so that they continue to work together to serve Maghreb and Arab causes and to rise to the challenges facing the African continent.

The hope was expressed by the Moroccan sovereign Saturday in a televised speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.“That historical era was characterized by coordination and solidarity between the leaders of the Moroccan resistance movement and the Algerian Liberation Front”, said King Mohammed VI.

Actually, it was agreed to turn the commemoration of the second anniversary of the Revolution of 20 August into an opportunity to extend the revolution to Maghreb countries. As a result, popular uprisings took place across Morocco and Algeria.
Moreover, the Moroccan resistance movement provided moral and material support to the Algerian revolution which, at the time, was facing a fierce campaign by colonial forces seeking to quash it before it celebrated its first anniversary
, the Sovereign recalled, adding that “that uprising and that solidarity breathed new life into the Algerian revolution,” so much so that the two countries also played a major role in the liberation and independence of Africa.
Today, given the current circumstances facing Arab peoples and the Maghreb region,
the Sovereign said, the Moroccan and Algerian peoples “are in great need of that spirit of solidarity to enable us to rise to common development and security challenges.


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