MINURSO staff member busted at Tindouf airport

A MINURSO staff member would have had a rude treatment at the Tindouf airport. According to information obtained by “Polisario Confidential” from a member of the Polisario Front executives, the young woman would have been retained for several hours at the airport after stones were discovered in her luggage while boarding.
The Algerian customs officers assumed the stones were archaeological objects. The stones of discord are indeed freely on sale in the camps of Tindouf and are subject of an intense traffic between the base of the Polisario Front in the South-west of Algeria and Spain. Despite the explanations of the MINURSO staff member who affirms to have bought the stones on a stall in Tindouf market place, the Algerian customs officers have decided to retain the young woman who had contacted her superiors. After a long hours wait, a salvation phone call came from Algiers ordering the Algerian customs officers to release the young woman without delay.

This incident is not the first related to the traffic of archaeological objects, since the wife of the Polisario Secretary General in charge of the culture department within the guerrilla, had to intervene few months ago in a stone-theft scandal within the compound.
For several months and according to our sources, the Spanish authorities are watching closely the archaeological stone dealers hoping to catch the real god fathers…


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