Four members of the Polisario Front administration claim for the Algerian naturalization.

It seems that the announcement of gold and hydrocarbons deposits discovery in Tindouf Region has moderated the “revolutionary” ardors of some members of the Polisario Guerilla administration, as the Tindouf civil state bureau has been overwhelmed Tuesday morning by naturalization requests, according to the reliable information that reached the “Confidential-Polisario”.
In fact, many members of the Front administration, having already interests in mining companies, wish to be able to “reassure” to the maximum their investment, via the acquisition of the Algerian nationality, hence sheltered behind a naturalization wave that thea country has witnessed in the recent years to the detriment of the American supertankers.

Giving up the revolutionary ideal, as well as their claim for the Sahara, these four dignitaries of the Guerilla movement have pointed out to the fact that they live on the Algerian territory since more than “thirty years”, and that they have “ties” in Algeria. Would the revolution be solved in the gold nuggets? In fact, this situation questions at different levels the real motives of the Guerilla administration, being in a very difficult situation in the wake of the violent drop of petrol barrel, weakening the situation of the Algerian godfather, and does no more allow the financing of the communication operations taken in charge up to now by Algiers rulers. Some members of the nomenclature have thus decided to control their matters, and to switch completely to a new type of business, but before that, they must get the nationality from their historical “host”…


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