After Africa, Polisario Losing Ground in Latin America

The Separatist Polisario front and its Algerian diplomatic relays are losing ground in South America, where pro-Polisario propaganda has long prevailed, says the Spanish e-journal Siglo XXI.

With the exception of a few island countries in the subcontinent, Latin American heavyweights such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile “have never been fooled” by the Polisario over the Sahara issue, just like other major world capitals, explains the Spanish media outlet.

The constant position of Chile is particularly significant in this respect, Siglo XXI states, adding that the firmness with which Chile addresses the Sahara issue “constitutes a reference.” Siglo XXI also recalls the position of Brazil which does not recognize the SADR, the theoretical Sahara republic self-proclaimed by the Polisario and Algeria.

The setbacks suffered by the Polisario in Latin America are the result of the activism of Moroccan diplomacy. The in-depth action carried out patiently by Morocco actually yielded fruit not only in Latin America, but also in Africa. And it is these developments that most worry the Polisario and its Algerian mentor.

Algiers is most concerned to see the SADR lose its seat in the African Union, at a time the majority of the AU member countries are demanding reconsideration of this membership. This is all the more worrying for Algiers as Morocco is preparing to reintegrate the continental organization, whereas the SADR, which is not recognized by the United Nations, will be unable to honor the obligation of sovereignty required by the AU statutes.

And it is for these reasons that Algerian leaders are sparing no effort to hamper Morocco’s return to the Pan-African organization.


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