hen the Polisario Front Chief is preparing his retirement? Or the loneliness of an old revolutionary

A meeting of the Polisario Front leaders took place on Friday 16th January, 2009, at one of the protagonists’ home, to discuss about the succession to Mohammed Abdelaziz, since the latter has openly shown his not being interested in attending many meetings of the Front political bureau. Lately, the old revolutionary leader sleeps late and remains for long evenings in his private home cinema which is next to his office, to watch old movies preaching the Che Guevara glory. The revolution and the Marxist ideal seem to be so far away for the Secretary General of the Polisario Front who starts feeling the agony of a non-shared power, that which he is practicing since more than 30 years and which is, apparently, tired with internal wars, obliged to continuously pay attention to his commanders who do not hide their will to take his place. It seems that Mohammed Abdelaziz has lost his will to fight inch by inch the internal disputes, and that he is softly taken over by events.

Having decided to strictly reduce his agenda, the old revolutionary leader is witnessing the powerful rise of his wife, Khadija Hamdi who does not hide her will to leave the post of culture delegate to obtain a more important portfolio. This evolution does not really offend him since he only has disdain for his sort and he also fears reprisals against him if any of them takes his position.


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