Maimouna, 21, sequestered in Tindouf for six months, fiancé is hoping for a proof of her being alive

It is a real media campaign based on secret agents’ investigations taking place between Cordoba and Tindouf. In fact, Mimouna Bashir Mokhtar, a 21years old first-aid nurse settling in Cordoba since 1999, would have disappeared since December 24th, 2008, the date when her fiancé, Pablo Miranda, becomes desperate of having any news about her. The Spanish man, since the disappearance of his beloved, was searching everywhere in order to find her, but in vain. He even appealed to the representative of the Polisario Front in Andalusia, El Abidin Bouchayara, who refused his appeal. The latter, under the surveillance of the Spanish secret services (CNI), according to certain presumed embezzlements of funds allocated to the associations   close to the Guerilla, has handed the file to his hierarchical superior, who would have advised him to “burry” it. Many Spanish newspapers, including “El Pais”, as well as “”, relayed the information, leading hence to the shaking of the Front representative in Spain.

Indeed, according to the reliable information sent by our correspondent in Spain, Maimouna would have been promised to an influential member of the Polisario Front. Maimouna’s father would have then drawn his daughter into a trap last summer, with the complicity of the Algerian security services members. In fact, Maimouna’s fiancé having no news about her, brought a charge of kidnapping to the Judge of Cordoba, who then sent a request to the Algerian state. However, only the Algerian secret services can make such a request “disappear”, especially emanating from a country as determinant as Spain. According to our information, the case would have led  to a secret meeting last Friday between the representatives of the Polisario Front  and the members of the Algerian DRS (Information and Security Department), so that a proof of life should be given to the Spanish boiling fiancé who threatens of informing the national audience, the higher Iberian instance of justice.


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