Exclusive: The Algerian services intensify their lobbying with the French local representatives

Since few years, we can say that Algeria has started pure and hard capitalism when it concerns questions that were before eminently political. In fact, since 2006, France has been supervising with rigor the activities of DRS (Intelligence Security Department, the Algerian services, headed by General Médiène, the sole survivor of the “generals’ clan”) and alerts Algiers about all its agents’ excess during their recruitment attempts. Thus, from an ultra secret report made by the French military investigation about the incredible number of electromagnetic transmissions emanating from the Algerian Embassy in Paris, it seems that the new Algerian tactic that is the “delegated management” of the issue, mainly concerning the thorny Western Sahara issue, in the heart of the major concerns of the celebrate guest of the Mouradia Palace, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In fact, the DRS has decided to entrust almost all of the issue in France-as well as the related funds- to Mehraz Lamari, head of an association supporting the Polisario Front, and guest of honor of the General Secretary of the Guerilla at each event.

During its recent campaign with the local elected representatives, Mr. Lamari has been called by Colonel Bendaoud, boss of DRS in Paris, who has seriously given him a reprimand …the reason behind this call? A verbal note of the French Domestic Intelligence Department to Colonel Bendaoud, asking him to “ hold its troops” and not to “import” “Algerian domestic issues on the French territory” and to “ conserve a kind of measure” in its works relating to “raising the awareness of the Republic’s elected representatives”. The mass has been almost called for the poor Mehraz Lamari, except that Algeria does not have for the moment any another alternative solution in order to turn down the French local elected representatives and to “direct” them concerning the Sahara issue. According to reliable information emanating from the pro-Polisario militants settled in Paris, Bendaoud would have also lost his temper when Lamari had informed him that the whole of its 2009 budget  has been already consumed. Due to food fees, as well as extravagant expenses within the capital’s palaces…


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