Exclusive: the European Union plans to audit the ECHO aid granted to the Polisario.

According to a source of the « Confidential Polisario » close to the Algerian ministry in charge of foreign affairs, a mission has been carried out since April by the North African and Caucasian coordinator of the ECHO program, the results of which have been presented in Algiers to the European diplomatic representations. Hence, according to the ECHO, the situation in the camps governed by the Polisario Front has become alarming due to delinquency and criminality increase. Still, according to the same source, no control has been carried out concerning the aid granted by the ECHO since the beginning of 2000, and embezzlements have reached such a proportion as it has been planned to send an audit team to analyze the situation in the last three years. A more serious fact, according to the ECHO coordinator, men would be less and less numerous in camps, devoted to trade activities with Mauritania and Mali, leaving women and children in a vulnerable situation.

The European Union, which devotes many millions of Euros to food aid granted to camps governed by the Guerilla, would be hence increasingly worried about the use of these resources, in view of the budgetary contraction due to the world crisis….


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