Violent confrontations within Aousserd camp.

According to reliable information from the “Confidential Polisario”, violent confrontations have taken place within Aousserd camp, directed by the Polisario Front, relating to the embezzlement of humanitarian aids transported to these camps at the beginning of May, and that have not been totally distributed. The Sahrawi populations living in these camps have been thus organized into a delegation to protest against the military hierarchy of the guerilla movement, who has violently responded to the Sahrawi’s request for clarifications, leading to many injuries. Following this tragic event, some inhabitants of camps have transmitted the message to some members of their family living near Bir Lehlu and some explication requests have been addressed to the collaborators of Mohamed Abdelaziz. Yet and still according to our source, the brother of one of the high ranked officers of the Polisario is involved in a massive cross-border dealing with Mauritania, where the international humanitarian aid goods and donations have been exhausted. An unheard-of fact is that Sahrawis who have revolted in Aousserd camps have been moved and their belongings confiscated in order to “punish them” for having dared to “cast doubt on” the Polisario Front’s management of the received foodstuffs.

Many Spanish activists who were present during facts have also seen their cameras and photographic cameras confiscated.


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