Some members of the Polisario Front direction are ready to join Morocco.

According to some reliable sources contacted by the “Confidential Polisario”, many members of the Polisario Front direction have been in “discrete” discussions with the Moroccan authorities in order to negotiate  their return to Morocco within the next months. Many secrete meetings have taken place in the French province, as well as in Galicia. The main points of disagreement concern the advantages that would be granted to these potential rallies, as Morocco has decided to considerably reduce the latter, considering that those who want to return should not do it only for the possible counterpart, but mainly out of conviction. The idea behind this new approach of Moroccans, encouraged by the Ministry of the Interior, is to avoid having passive “rallies”, but on the contrary future defenders of the Moroccan cause, who can join the diplomatic body to foster the future “informal” negotiations, which would be held after Ramadan. For this purpose, many places have been mentioned, the only certainty being that Manhasset, in New York suburbs, is not, for the moment, an accepted option for holding these informal discussions between Morocco and the Polisario Front.

According to our source, the USA and France are doing their best so that Algeria would be present during these informal negotiations, but the Algerian leaders refuse to have another status other than that of “observers”. However, the situation might change as Rabat and Algiers have been multiplying contacts during the last months…


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