The number 2 in the Polisario diplomacy returns to Morocco

The number 2 in the Polisario diplomacy returns to Morocco
The number 2 in the Polisario diplomacy returns to Morocco As we have announced few weeks ago, a first important defection within the Polisario Front happened just before the starting of the informal negotiations between Morocco and the guerrilla. This position is very important for Morocco as it is a double-action: Ahmeddou Ould Souilem is not only  the chief of a very fluent tribe, but also a Minister-Counsellor to Mohammed Abdelaziz, in charge of the Arab World.  All smiling at the accession to the throne celebration which took place in Tangier, on the 30th July, and received by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, Ahmeddou Ould Souilem has promised to make important declarations, in the coming days, in an interview with the Moroccan TV. This announcement is the kind of declarations to make  feverish the Polisario leaders, because Ould Souilem  knows all about the shady side of this leadership and has participated in the work achieved by the delegation in charge of leading Manhasset negotiations, in his capacity as Minister-Counsellor. Contacted by phone by the “Polisario confidential”, a close to the Polisario Front leaders qualified Ould Souilem’s rallying as “stabbing the Polisario in the back at the worse moment”.

The Polisario Front seems not to be realizing the depth of this defection as the web site of the guerrilla movement continues talking about  Ould Souilem as one of the Polisario leaders and minister-counsellor.
We should mention that the webmaster of the internet site is all excused as he could not take his eyes off the Moroccan TV via satellite, like all the Front leaders , to follow the celebration of the accession to the throne, and realize that the number 2 of the Polisario diplomacy has really returned to Morocco, his country…


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