Ould Souilem : other leaders of the Polisario Front are expected “immediately” in Rabat

persons rallying to Morocco in the future?Ahmeddou Ould Souilem, recently rallying to Morocco, has tackled the reasons of his disaffection with the guerrilla, during a press conference hold in Rabat, and has asserted, with no surprise, that the majority of the important decisions concerning the Polisario Front strategies are taken by Algiers and not by the leaders of the movement. However, the most important message of the press conference has, it seems, not been understood since Ould Souilem, in continuation of the intriguing tone   used during the accession to the throne celebrations, has asserted that other leaders from the Polisario Front would follow his example  very soon. According to  some information which has reached the “Polisario confidential”, Ould Souilem would be making allusion to two other members from the government of Mohammed Abdelaziz , who are presently in the Canaries and are in  negotiations with the Moroccan authorities to organize their return. The only difficulty in these discussions is the way to organize the return of their families without arising any suspicions.

In fact, the Polisario Front leaders have, since the return of Ould Souilem, decided to  freeze all the authorizations granted to leave Tindouf and have make it known to the family  members of  the Front leaders that “reprisals” would be taken against their families, if the latter have an urging desire to join the Sherifian capital. Thus, it is in an atmosphere of general suspicion within the Polisario Front headquarters that the informal discussions which would take place in Vienna next week, are prepared.


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