Exclusive: the « stowaway » of Tripoli

It is an event that was about to trouble the Moroccan-Libyan relations, though the real reasons behind the presence of the Secretary General of the Polisario Front Mohammed Abdelaziz in Tripoli during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the revolution, are not those officially declared. For its readers, the Confidential Polisario has been able to discover the secret behind a much more complicated story. The story is henceforth known, Tuesday 1st, September 2009, the Moroccan delegation that should attend the celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of Mouammar Kadhafi’s seizure of power in Libya, “officially” withdraws, as it had “noticed” the presence of Mohammed Abdelaziz among the invited delegations. Yet, the reality is much more complicated, as it is indeed the Algerian President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who has personally invited the leader of the guerilla movement, ignoring the guarantees given by the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Morocco, and absolutely willing to make an “overthrow”, knowing that his host, for protocol reasons, will be less inclined to refuse such a favor to the oldest person of the Maghreb heads of state (72 years old).

It is hence in the eve that was plotted the incredible adventure of Mohammed Abdelaziz called by the Algerian President who told him that he could stay in Tripoli, despite the end of the African Union Summit. As the leader of the Polisario did not understand, Bouteflika told him: “you walk by my side, nobody will dare to say a word to you, even Kadhafi will be surprised and will be obliged to look contented, there are many heads of state and governments present”. It is thus as “an official stowaway” that Mohammed Abdelaziz rushed on the following day behind his Algerian godfather, obliging the persons in charge of the Libyan protocol to find an armchair for him in the grandstand. This grotesque situation, which has extremely embarrassed Libyans, has obliged them to write a release addressed to the Moroccan Embassy in Tripoli, in order to deny that the Polisario has been invited….


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