Exclusive : the Polisario attempts to sneak inside the UN 64th General Assembly

From a source close to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members from the Polisario Front leadership have attempted to join the Algerian delegation accompanying the President Bouteflika during the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly. A small problem seems to have been omitted by the “special guests” of the Algerian regime: the UN security services allow the entry to the building only to persons who are authorized and who have mandate from their government. There has been, then, a moment of hesitation which lasted for few minutes at the entry of UN, during which President Bouteflika got nervous, before becoming aware of the presence of foreign journalists with their cameras. Huge anger also expressed by the two members of the Polisario Front, who were supposed to accompany the Algerian President during the Africa-South America 2nd Summit which would take place in Venezuela today. This is not the first time that Bouteflika tries to smuggle Polisario leaders into places as members of his delegation, and the last time he tries doing so was during the 40th anniversary of Mouammar Kadhafi coming to power. This event was at the origin of a diplomatic tension between Libya and Morocco.

In reality, to be accompanied by members of the Guerrilla is, for President Bouteflika, but an illustration of a historical reality for the Polisario Front: without Algeria, no group would accept to receive them.


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