Exclusive : The squalid haggling of the DRS (Department of Intelligence and Security)

According to a source close to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, phoned by the “Polisario Confidentiel”, the very recent visit of the 7 Moroccan nationals to the Polisario camps in Tindouf has been the subject of the most squalid financial haggling, after the decision of six members from the group to suddenly stop their visit, having noticed the terrible life conditions of the peoples living in the camps controlled by the Guerilla. Fierce conversations have taken place between the 6 resistant members and their « head » of delegation, a well-known activist who wanted to persuade them to continue the visit despite the observed atrocities. In fact, the other members wanted to return back quickly, after having noticed that outside the “official” course, prepared by the Polisario Front leadership, it is another reality that has been presented to them to see. Some Sahrawi living in camps, having in fact heard about the 7 Moroccans’ visit, have decided to « invite » themselves during a reception “ceremony”, and have then revealed to the Moroccan group that all the staging prepared for their coming has been made last week by the Algerian militaries, who have transported foodstuff, and have even started to repaint the Front Polisario buildings.

Following the scandal, some elements of the DRS (Department of Intelligence and Security) have urgently come to Tindouf Monday evening in order to bring “financial instruments” supposed to calm down activists’ anger.
This episode, painfully held back by Algeria, has come on the top of a very precarious situation of the Polisario Front, who, worn down by the internecine quarrels and the recent withdrawals of its executives, count only on Algiers to exist.


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