Africa Eco Race: The Sports Event Which Irks Polisario Chief

The Polisario leader Brahim Ghali is fuming and angry against the organizers of Africa Eco Race, whose competitors started, on Sunday from Monaco the 6000 km-long race to cross Morocco, its Saharan provinces and Mauritania before reaching Senegal, the last leg of this competition.
As in the last ten Editions, this 11th race, to last for 15-days, has mapped out the route to be followed by more than 100 participants in bikes, cars and trucks. And like all other editions, only the flags of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal appear on the maps of organizers and competitors.
It is this significant detail that has enraged the leader of the separatist movement which is controlled by the Algerian regime. This is not the first time, but since the Africa Eco Race rally was launched by its faithful participants, the Polisario cries in vain and threatens competitors against crossing the Sahara.
This is just a wasted effort because the organizers and competitors of the rally know that the race route is totally secure. Moreover, its security is backed by the international community.
Following the Polisario provocative acts made in 2018, the UN Security Council had expressed in its resolution of 27 April its concerns and called on the separatist movement to withdraw immediately from the Guerguerate buffer zone.
And this year again, like the previous editions of this race held in serene conditions, more than a hundred competitors, ignored completely the Polisario gesticulations, and participated in this annual competition following suit of Thierry Sabine, the late founder of Paris-Dakar rally.


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