Why Algeria is so furious at Morocco – EU agreement

If any additional proof was needed to get convinced that Algeria is the puppeteer pulling the strings in the Sahara conflict, it is sufficient to follow the unbridled reaction of the Algerian media after the European Parliament endorsed the Morocco – European Union agricultural agreement.

After the failure of Algeria’s maneuvers to torpedo this agreement that cements a strategic partnership between Morocco and the EU, the media in the pay of Algerian generals could not restrain themselves. Relegating the Polisario to the back burner, most Algerian newspapers and e-journals came to the forefront, insulting the EU institutions, including the European Parliament that they accused of being a “suspicious and partisan supporter” of Morocco.

Some media have bitterly commented that Brussels has always sided with Rabat. Algerian invectives did not spare the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, nor Pierre Moscovici. For having commented that “on these new bases, our partnership with Morocco is stronger than ever”, the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs has been the target of unprecedented attacks.

And even before the Polisario makes the announcement, it is again the Algerian media that first made loud noise about the plan to lodge a legal action to European judicial authorities for the annulment of the agreement. This speaks for itself!


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