Exclusive : Polisario’s negotiators just about to resign.

While the deadline of direct talks between Morocco and the Polisario Front seem to be increasingly far, the Guerilla movement negotiators team threatens to resign if some “concrete elements” have not been provided to them before sitting once again to the same table with Moroccans. “If nothing is negotiable, why discuss with Moroccans?” had said Mhammed Khaddad, one of the members of the negotiators team, to his usual interlocutor from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of relations with the MINURSO. In fact, in the wake of the recent developments of the Sahara issue (Expulsion of the Polisario delegation from the 2nd South America- Africa Summit held in Venezuela), then the traditional egos fight before the 4th UN Committee, it seem that a kind of feeling of weariness has overcome the Front leadership, which would like to have a proposal to discuss in order to start noticing the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, for the Guerilla executives, it is not in Tindouf, but rather in Algiers and more precisely within the Presidential Palace of the Mouradia that the decisions are taken about all the matters that concern the Western Sahara issue. Abdelaziz Bouteflika would have explicitly given his instructions so that a daily report should be addressed to him, both by the Department of Intelligence and Security (DRS) and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What are the reasons behind this particular attention from the Head of the State? Since few months, Bouteflika would have been more and more irritated by the mega real estate programs established in the Saidia seaside station, situated at few hundred yards from Algeria, and the music of its festivals has pushed the frontal Algerians of Morocco to strongly claim the reopening of the borders. Top of humiliation, the biggest festival of Raï world (music of Algerian origin), has been held this year in Oujda, forcing the Algerian fans to take the plane and to transit by Paris to go there. Assuming that he has been provoked by Morocco, Abdelaziz Bouteflika has decided to put pressure thanks to the only card he has in hand…


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