Polisario: Brahim Ghali entrapped by his past as a rapist

The polisario leader, Brahim Ghali, is caught up again by the rape of the Sahrawi young woman, Khadijatou Mahmoud, when he was stationed in Algiers as representative of the separatist front.

In a video posted on Twitter recently, Khadijatou Mahmoud tells the details of the unspeakable rape she suffered in 2010, when she went to the so-called Polisario embassy in Algiers to obtain an authorization of leave the Tindouf camps.

Khadijatou had then received an invitation from a humanitarian NGO in Italy and was delighted to leave the Tindouf camps, subject to Stalinist control by the Polisario militia. She was not conscious of the danger she would be standing in the Polisario’s representation in Algiers.

At that time, Brahim Ghali, who had fled Spain precipitately in 2008, was “ambassador” in Algiers.

By the way, he is currently facing legal proceedings in Spain following complaints filed by Sahrawi human rights associations for war crimes and torture he perpetrated while he was leader of the Polisario militia.

Khadijatou recalls in her video that she arrived at the Polisario representation in the Algerian capital at 9 a.m. She was told to come back at 7 p.m. for her appointment.

And so she did. However, a friend who was accompanying her was turned back at the door by the gatekeeper, she says, apparently moved by the memory of this evening that will turn into a nightmare.

There was only Brahim Ghali in the premises. She handed him her documents. Without looking at the papers, Brahim Ghali sets them aside and throws himself on his prey. “Brahim Ghali raped me with such brutality that I started bleeding…” recalls Khadijatou, her voice choked by emotion.

Today, despite the painful memory, Khadijatou Mahmoud does lose hope to gain her case in the Spanish court where she filed a complaint against the rapist.

Yet, this track may be very, very long. Brahim Ghali has never again set foot in Spain, nor in any other European country since 2008, because of the arrest warrant issued against him.


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