Algeria tries to influence the American position in the Sahara.

A discrete lobbying has taken place during the weekend in Washington, just before the American State Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to Marrakech, where she has participated in the works of Forum for the future. In fact, the Algerian Ambassador to the USA has tried to convince his interlocutors within the White House that America should not, once again “publically support the Moroccan autonomy plan”, in order no to “discourage the negotiators”. Abdallah Baali, who has many times participated in the Sahara issue by elaborating a new lobbying approach in the US Congress and Senate, has nonetheless received a flat refusal, and has been told that the “American support to the Moroccan plan of conflict settlement is non-negotiable, as peace and security in the region are part of the strategic interests of the United States”. However, what Abdallah Baali’s interlocutor has not said, is that America unfortunately believes that the discussions between Morocco and the Polisario Front are totally blocked, the proof is that Christopher Ross, the UNO negotiator for the Western Sahara, has recently asked for the support of the State Secretariat in order to influence the Algerians and “encourage” them to “get open to dialogue”. According to sources close to the issue, contacted by the “Polisario Confidentiel”, no date has been set to restart direct negotiators. This situation seems to exasperate the American State Secretary, who has reiterated her support to the Moroccan plan and has even assisted to the ceremony of the launching of the Moroccan mega plan for Solar Energy.

This clear message, addressed to the head of the Mouradia Palace Abdelaziz Bouteflika, signifies that Morocco does not need the Algerian hydrocarbons to continue its development…


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