Negotiations are on going in order to restart Manhasset process.

According to reliable sources close to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, phoned by the « Polisario Confidentiel » some negotiations are on going in order to restart Manhasset negotiations, after nearly one year of rare negotiations between the negotiators of Morocco and the Polisario Front, who have been obliged to satisfy themselves with “informal talks” in Austria in the middle of summer 2009. It would seem that the Algerian party, which still affirms not being an “involved party”, had decided to give authorization to the Polisario Front to restart negotiations, after that some of its members had threatened to end the negotiations due to some internal tensions concerning the step to be followed. According to the same source, the Guerilla movement is on the crossroad: it can either free itself, even modestly, from the psychological guardianship of Algeria and decide to give guaranties during the next negotiations with Rabat, or continue on the referendum path, which will be in any way rejected by Morocco. In front of this dilemma, some signals show that the edifice has started to crack and that some voices are raised within the Polisario Front leadership in order to impose themselves on Algiers and to negotiate…as there is still time for that.

In fact, a big party of the Guerilla movement nomenclature starts henceforth to think that it would be perhaps time to accept the autonomy offer proposed by Morocco, as the independence mirage has gradually started to fade…


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