Urgent: Algiers tries to cover a huge solar panels smuggling by creating an incident in Laayoun

The fact of forbidding the entry to the Moroccan territory to Aminatou Haider yesterday after her refusal to fill in the procedures, is in reality a cover-up operation decided by the Algerian authorities after that many specialized medias, including the American Security website Sahel Intelligence, have disclosed the smuggling of Swiss solar panels which were to be transported to Tindouf camps. In this big problem would be involved many Algerian officials, as well as the Sahrawi Red Cross. In fact, Aminatou Haïdar, a former Moroccan civil servant reconverted in the Algerian diplomacy, had received, before her transport to Morocco, phone instructions from a non-identified interlocutor asking her to “not to fill in the procedures during her entry to Morocco”. Two journalists would have thus been designated to accompany her and film the programmed scene. But Moroccan authorities have been very careful and advised by an international law jurist, have decided to keep her in the international zone, until the conditions of her entry to the territory are met, i.e. until that the traveler accepts to tell her identity and nationality.

According to exclusive information obtained by the “Polisario Confidentiel” by phone, this calculated escalation decided in a hurry Thursday evening by Algiers is designed mainly to protect the son of a high Algerian official that would be involved in the substitution of the European panels with Chinese panels coming from a governmental donation.


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