Exclusive document: Aminatou Haïdar and the Ambassador Baali draped together with the Algerian flag.

If some doubts continue to exist in some minds, this exclusive image will sweep them away: yes, Aminatou Haïdar, presented by some media as the “passionate” of the Polisario Front, is in fact an agent of the Algerian authority. If it was not the case, how to explain then the fact that she accepts to take a photo with the Algerian Ambassador in Washington Abdallah Baali, both of them draped with the Algerian flag. This picture also clarifies a number of grey areas relating to the moving and lifestyle of Mrs. Haïdar, who is fully assumed by the Algerian authority. Phoned by the “Polisario Confidentiel”, a source close to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains: “money is not important, provided that media tricks should be planned to embarrass Moroccans and continue to divert the Algerian public opinion’s attention from the real issues…”. The fact that Aminatou Haïdar is so close to Abdallah Baali also reveals the position of the Algerian Ambassador in Washington within the plan set up to promote the Polisario Front abroad. In fact, as the « Polisario Confidentiel » has revealed it, Abdallah Baali directly manages the Sahara issue in the United States, assisted by the lobbying cabinet “Foley Hoag”, which has supervised Aminatou Haïdar during her moving in the American capital and has organized US press interviews for her.

Since “an image is worth thousand words”, this exclusive picture of the activist in company with her “sponsor” should make a number of the Polisario Front sympathizers reconsider the matter, as they think that Mrs. Haïdar would be a victim of a bad process from Morocco’s side. It should be reminded that the latter, has decided to send her back to the Canary Islands Saturday 14 November 2009, after her refusal to comply with entry procedures. Would militancy be soluble in the petrodollars? It would seem that yes, since, it seems, that Mrs. Haïdar has given up to temptation, and has compromised with the Algerian authority to accept everything…


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