Heavy speculations around the real health state of Aminatou Haidar

It is a real medical valse witnessed by the Spanish authorities concerning the health state of the Polisario Front activist Aminatou Haidar, who has been on hunger strike at Lanzarote airport for almost fifteen days now. In fact, on Sunday 6th of December, the judge of Arrecife has ordered for a forensic examination to determine precisely the health state of Mrs. Haidar, after that her personal doctor had affirmed that she has been in danger. As a sudden turn of events, the doctor mandated by the judge affirms that her state is not “that critical” as it has been implied by her doctor. The judge, doubtful, has ordered a forensic cross-examination, which was also inconclusive. As a reminder, the City Hall of the Canary Islands has asked the judicial authority, Sunday evening, to « take all the necessary measures to guarantee the life and integrity of Aminatou Haidar”, including her “hospitalization”.

According to reliable sources close to the issue, the escalation programmed by Algeria around the case of Aminatou Haidar would not be quickly solved, as Morocco rightly refuses to compromise over a sovereignty issue. It is here important to shed light on what would have happened to an Algerian Kabyle militant if he had publicly denied his nationality and refused to carry out the procedures of entry to the territory at Houari Boumediene airport… we would certainly not have heard about the issue, simply because he would not have survived to tell it! In the case of Aminatou Haidar, Algeria’s responsibility raises a problem that nobody has tackled yet: what would be the Algerians’ solution strategy after having reached the non-return point in the deterioration of their relations with Moroccans?


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