Algeria wants to push the Polisario to conflict

According to sources close to the Polisario Front leadership, phoned by the “Polisario Confidentiel ”, instructions emanating from the Mouradia Palace would have been given to the Polisario Front to push “as far as possible” the “Aminatou card”, in order to block the efforts of the UNO mediator, Christopher Ross, who tries since few days to pick up dialogue threads among Morocco, the Polisario Front and Algeria. As an experimented diplomat, Ross would have phoned the different parties, after the cancellation of his own tour in the region, and the fact that the perspective to go back once again to negotiations gets more and more far. According to the same sources, the Polisario leaders would be unhappy about the position dictated by Algiers as it “might ruin the weak progress achieved during the former rounds”, and generate a “climate of permanent suspicion”.
In fact, by trying to highlight the Aminatou Haidar « case », Algeria tries absolutely to pave a media way to the Sahara issue, before the meeting of the heads of States in Copenhagen, which will completely cannibalize the sit-in of the “camper” of the Polisario.

Yet, it is precisely this situation that Algiers refuses to see happening: a weariness effect, even a trivialization of a completely common situation as a pressure mean from the part of the extreme left activists or assimilated. For fear of seeing journalists leaving Lanzarote one after the other, Algiers has hence decided to “strengthen” its game and to spread all the journalists obliged to it, whether those in Spain or in Paris. This situation has nevertheless a positive effect, Ban-Ki-Moon’s intervention, with all his authority as the UN Secretary General. The latter has asked that the negotiations would start once again quickly, reiterating in an obscure way (vis-à-vis Algeria) that the trust shall be restored among the parties…


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