The duplicity of Abdelaziz Bouteflika exposed thanks to the secret archives of Kissinger

« You could have, you could have stopped the economic and military aid ». With these few words, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the current President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has just revealed the real nature of his intentions vis-à-vis Morocco, during an interview with Henry Kissinger in December 1975. It is a real choc in the form of exclusive revelations unveiled by the Moroccan weekly Tel Quel, in the wake of the recent declassification of secrete documents relating to the interviews carried out by the American State Secretariat between 1970 and 1976. Among these, a real source of information relating to the Sahara conflict, and mainly in terms of the real intentions of Algeria and its diplomacy, led by the current host of El Mouradia Palace. Thus, in the same document unveiled by Tel Quel and henceforth available in Wikileaks website
, we learn with astonishment that Bouteflika- even if born in Morocco- tries to exchange the American support to the Algerian position by proposing a discrete mediation with…Cuba and the USSR, no less! Indeed, nothing seems to stop the ambitions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Houari Boumediene, who absolutely wants to link the fate of the Sahrawi people to Qatar, then to the United Arab Emirates, for which he has become a highly remunerated consultant during his exile period in the 80’s…

The Kissinger archives case would be such an explosive one that the immediate entourage of the host of Al Mouradia Palace is worried about the possible legal repercussions and would have already contacted the American lawyers of Abdelaziz Bouteflika in order to foresee the resorts impeding the remaining documents from being declassified.


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