Death of Larbi Belkheir, Sahara case will be in the exclusive hands of the Algerian Military Intelligence

It is almost two years that he has disappeared from the detecting screens, but his shadow continues its influence on the Moroccan-Algerian relations. Larbi Belkheir, who “whispered” in the ears of the different Algerian presidents since over 30 years, and one of the major “Janvierists”, has passed away since last Thursday. In symbolic and operational terms, this disappearance has important consequences on the Western Sahara issue, as it is the man who has participated in the major progress achieved in the previous bridge-building between Morocco and Algeria who has disappeared. Belkheir, despite what might have been written, did not feel boredom in Rabat and seriously assumes his Ambassador role. He had relentlessly tried to renew the dialogue links, to recreate bridges between the Master of El Mouradia Palace and the King of Morocco. Weary, the regression of his influence at the first circle, together with the seizure of the Algerian Military Security of the bilateral Moroccan-Algerian relations issue, were behind his voluntarism and his different attempts whether public or more…discrete.

On the inside Algerian front, the death of Larbi Belkeir, a halfway character between Fouché and Talleyran, to whom a significant responsibility was given in all the important events of the contemporary Algeria- also signifies that the clan of those who advocate a dialogue with Morocco is definitely set out of the race. Yet, this datum is essential to try to understand the future evolutions of Algeria. Without any opposing force, and with a President weakened by the recent corruption scandals that touched his entourage (as if by magic!) the Military Security, headed by the General Mohammed Mediène (Alias Toufik), is henceforth the only  body to determine the country march, and will be the one to name the future candidate to the presidential election…a person called Ahmed Ouayahia. It seems that the Sahara issue will be dragged on in the usual weak manipulation of the Algerian services. The biggest strength of the evil lies in making believe that it does not exist!



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