Exclusive: a Polisario member arrested by the Mauritanian security services for his participation in kidnappings

The goal is to root, in behaviour and practice, the human rights culture in respect of oneself, of others and of public, private and elected institutions. The human rights respect, within the strict respect of law and of the social and human environment is a positive evolution guarantee and a symbol of collective maturity.
The Spanish Medias have today updated the presumed links between Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Polisario Front. Indeed, according to a certain source, the “Polisario Confidentiel” can affirm that the called “Regragui”, arrested by the services of the Mauritanian security for his presumed involvement in the kidnapping of three Spanish aid workers is in fact a member of the Polisario Front, who has carried out many illegal goings to and fro between Tindouf camps and AQIM group centers on the border of the Sahel and the Mauritanian North-East. Arrested near Nouadhibou city, while he was probably preparing to return to the Southeast of Algeria. Known for his extremist ideas, “Regragui” is a pure product of the indoctrination practiced by the groups linked to the former Algerian GSPC (a part of which becoming AQIM), and has even started to worry the “progressive” branch of the Polisario Front (NDLR, who wishes to open a dialogue with Morocco about the autonomy proposal), which has signified to the guerilla movement leadership its refusal to see “Regragui” carrying on his distribution of CDs and DVs of fiery sermons in Tindouf camps.

Actually, it would seem that the extension of the recruitment base of AQIM to Tindouf camps would henceforth become an operational objective of the terrorist organization which finds a fertile territory in the frustration of the Sahrawi populations living under a very strict military yoke. Yet, playing with this kind of terrorist network can seem to be extremely dangerous. For almost twenty years, a small group of high officials not very far from there declared that it was possible to manipulate fanatics.
What follows is known: arrest of the electoral process then civil war…



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