The Polisario Front representation in the USA wants to resume control after Armonk negotiations.

According to sources close to the Polisario Front leadership, a small crisis meeting was held in Washington after the two informal talk rounds in Armonk, gathering a number of activists and lobbyists close to Algeria and the Guerrilla movement. Once again, it is the everlasting Mouloud Saïd, representative of the Front in the American political capital who coordinated debates, with the assistance of the Algerian Ambassador Baali. The idea developed by the Guerrilla movement representatives and the Algerian Ambassador revolves around trying to hijack the American citizens who participated in the revolutionary movements of the Southern America in the 70s, and to organize them within a NGO screen that would be used to spread the Guerrilla’s message to the United States, about self-determination and …human rights theme.

In this regard, the last activity report of the « Foley Hogg », a lobbying firm paid by the Algerian Republic, reveals that the exclusive purpose behind the appointments made by the latter with members of the Senate and the Congress is “the promotion of the Algerian-American relationships, and the respect for human rights, including self-determination right”.
For a country known all over the world by its “respect for human rights”, this statement of its  group lobbying chief is very audacious. This means, however, that the Ambassador Baali, looking for support at a time when he is put on the spot by his hierarchy, makes the most of his opportunities in the Sahara issue, so that his “bosses” keep him in place, despite the persistent rumours putting forward his replacement by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Chakib Khélil, whose reputation has been damaged by the Sonatrach scandal. Baali was somehow “worried” about his future as an Ambassador in Washington, and phoned many times his friend and protector Saïd Bouteflika, who assured him of his support…



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