Exclusive: Attempt to cover-up a rape case of a HCR civil servant in Tindouf.

According to reliable and confirmed information transmitted to the « Polisario Confidentiel », an Algerian HCR civil servant, Rahmouna Dahousse, was gang raped by three face-masked individuals, while she was about to start an inspection round in the camps managed by the Polisario Front, in the Algerian South-West. The three assailants have used physical violence against the international civil servant. The latter was abandoned in the early morning after the gangbang also called “in turns rape”. The, she was taken in by the military police before being taken to the health center to be examined.
The doctor on duty issued a two-month sick leave, and noticed the multiple rapes which Rahmouna Dahousse underwent, as well as assault and battery. As the latter wanted to lodge a complaint, a mechanism led by the Polisario Front leadership was immediately set in motion to try to dissuade her. Aware about the significant damages that might tarnish again the Guerrilla movement’s image, the communication officials of Mohammed Abdelaziz tried thus to compromise, and suggested to send Khadija Hamdi, the wife of the Secretary General of the Polisario, to find a common ground.

Facing Rahmouna’s determination and refusal to accept a financial compensation for the undergone damages, Khadija Hamdi explosed into a cold anger and accused Mrs. Dahousse with having « provoked » her assaults, by wearing « alluring » clothes. This was however without relying on Rahmouna Dahousse’s superiors, who were firm despite the Polisario Front pressures and encouraged their civil servant to go to the very end of her action. If the Polisario have dared to beat and rape an Algerian woman, and more than that a UNO civil servant, we can say that the criminality rate in camps has significantly increased, and that the situation within camps is simply explosive. Hence, would the Sahrawis living in camps need some « autonomy » to relieve the pressure?



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