Last minute: Members of the Polisario Front join the Moroccan autonomy initiative

It is capital information for the Sahara conflict which has just fallen this Sunday December 16, 2007: members of the Polisario Front announced their rallying to Morocco and to the autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom.
Gathered together in Gjijimat, close to Tifariti, several members of the Polisario Front announced that they joined the initiative of autonomy presented by Morocco to the UN, noting “the devastating effects of this conflict on the inhabitants, the society and the whole area and the failure of all the attempts of its resolution undertaken by the U N and other nations, as well as the time that took this conflict which lasted too long ".

These members of the Polisario immediately announced their intention to disunite from the revolutionary movement to join the “peace of the braves’” recommended by the Kingdom of Morocco.
A “declaration of Gjijimat” has been mentioned by the uninterrupted Qatari chain of information “Aljazeera”.
Contacted by “Polisario Confidential”, the members of the Polisario front in congress in Tifariti refused to comment the information…


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