How to remunerate Carne Ross ?

The question that recurs with insistence these last weeks concerns the remuneration of the British lobbyist Carne Ross, head of the « Independent Diplomat », in charge of coordinating the Polisario international action, mainly towards the UNO in New York, as well as the European Parliament.
The “Independent Diplomat” which was originally created as an organization for “volunteers”, has since then, known some developments to become a “consulting company” as described, in a recent telegram, by the very official Algerian  agency  “Algeria Press Service”.
In reality, a very cunning financial arrangement allows Carne Ross to receive his emoluments from the Algerian special services, a part of which are paid into his offshore account in Great Britain. We should say that Ross is responsible for the rising stars movement of the Polisario Front Guerilla, among whom Mouloud Said, the very active representative of the Front in USA, and more recently, M’hammed Khaddad, the Polisario coordinator with MINURSO. The latter has been furious following a press conference –heavily invoiced by Carne Ross- organized two weeks ago in Brussels, where only four journalists were present, and without any international echo recorded.

Carne Ross has recently concocted a report on communication and influence strategy which should be followed by the Polisario Front,  and which was given to the eminence grise of the Algerian regime and the Polisario Front, the lieutenant general Mohammed Mediene Toufik “himself”, the powerful chief of the Security Intelligence Department, the Algerian Military Security). The latter would regularly call “Carne” to discuss directly with him.
The strategy recommended by Ross ? It is so simple: instead of  trying continuously to penetrate European and American intellectual networks which do not adhere to the Polisario and Algeria arguments, the  British lobbyist considers that a great part of efforts, and thus financial contributions granted to him, should focus on American and European important universities where one can still find some pocket of extreme left likely to help the revolution…



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