Algeria : what is going on in El Mouradia palace ?

Some information emanating from the Algerian presidency security services have revealed to the Polisario-confidentiel that it was the son of a general who was behind the attempt to force the Republic Presidency headquarters’ gates, on Sunday 6th June, before being arrested by the security forces who have drawn shots to stop the vehicle. Aboard a powerful car, the general’s son has crushed into a mechanical barrier being at some meters from the entry of El Mouradia palace, an area which is mega-protected. The general whose offspring was behind this incident, was immediately called in to the DRS headquarters where he has been questioned by the security and intelligence department boss himself. The other security services have also taken the situation in hand to investigate about the real intentions of the general’s son who, as important detail, tried to leave the place after resorting to force. Once again, we are reduced to guess about what’s going on in Algeria facing the terrible omerta entertained by the military intelligence system. Speculations are going on about this incident, moreover, they are kept going on with the total black-out observed by the authorities.

The incident’s gravity has quickly reminded about the murder, on the 25th February, of Ali Tounsi, the Chief of the National Security General Department, killed in his office by one of his close co-workers. The series of unexplained events create confusion and perturb about what is going on behind the scenes, where the military intelligence has emerged as the real system being in force. Especially that these events showing out regularly, happen in a context of suspicion, marked by bribery and misappropriation issues which have concerned may State businesses and public projects. The most covered by the media was the financial scandal at Sonatrach, the first hydrocarbon group and the country’s first supplier with foreign currencies. So, is it an attack or an accident? Once again, the response won’t come out from the military intelligence services.



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