Polisario: The security official kidnapped while trying to join Morocco

The Polisario senior official, Ahmed Berrih, who was in charge of security services in Tindouf camps, has been kidnapped by Algerian intelligence services, the famous DIS (Department of Intelligence and Security), while trying to join Morocco in the most secrecy. Berrih, whose war name is Ahmed Khalil, has been for ten years head of security in Tindouf camps and military regions. He is being currently detained by the DIS in a secret location in Ben-Aknoune, headquarters of the military security in the suburbs of Algiers. The kidnapping would have been planned in close coordination between the Polisario’s Chief and the Algerian intelligence officials, based on information confirming contacts being made between Ahmed Khalil and the Moroccan officials from the Sahara, who secretly prepared his return to Morocco. It was Berrih Spanish phone conversations tapped by the DIS, which revealed Berrih’s intentions. The same sources said that after his being arrested, Ahmed Khalil has been first interviewed – together by the Polisario and the Algerian intelligence services – at the detention centre in Tindouf fifth military region, on his intentions to join Morocco. According to other sources that talked to Polisario-Confidential, the reason behind Khalil’s arrest is to be searched for in his relation with the Polisario dissident Movement, Khat Achahid (Martyr line), that openly criticizes the Polisario leadership on its disastrous management of the Sahara issue.

With regard to his leading responsibilities inside the Polisario, Ahmed Khalil has been closely watched for a period of time by the DIS, particularly during his trips abroad. His arrest has been likely accelerated by his meetings with Polisario former officials in Spain. The Polisario leadership and the Algerian intelligence services have certainly preferred to anticipate their decision to avoid that Ahmed Khalil joins Morocco and tells about the past of other officials of the guerrilla movement, like Ahmeddou Ould Souilem, Polisario’s former senior official, currently Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain.



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