Exclusive: Former minister Redha Malek briefcase’s stolen during the Congress of Tifariti

Redha Malek, former Algerian Prime Minister, and president of the Democratic National Alliance (liberal political party having had 0, 17% of the votes the last local elections in Algeria) lost his briefcase while making a speech at the Congress of the Polisario Front in Tifariti. Once he finished the speech, Mr. Malik returned to the small waiting room contiguous to the platform, and realized with stupor that his briefcase was not there anymore. The former Prime Minister was furious and insulted the security guards of the Polisario Front summoning them to find his invaluable luggage.

“You want to fight Morocco and you are not even able to guard a satchel!!!” exclaimed Malik, before adding “You know, the Moroccans are structured, they have a state, institutions, I will never have been a victim of a theft in Rabat!!! ».
The Chief of the Police force of the Polisario Front ordered immediately an investigation and discharged the guards in charge of monitoring the waiting room.
This incident became the principal subject of discussion of the delegates during diner…  


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