Exclusive: 461 154 $ to Carne Ross for his lobbying in the USA in favour of the Polisario

In an annex to his contract with the Polisario, published beginning June by the Amercian Justice Department, we came to know that the total fees amount of the lobbying company “Independent diplomat”, managed by Carne Ross, is 461 154 $ for the first trimester of 2010.
The contract , that can be downloaded at this address, shows that this company, which was initially devoted to help the widows and orphans, is in reality a “slot machine” for its founder who is taking the position of an intermediary between the secessionist movements and their sponsors wherever they are.

Thus, few months ago, Carne Ross has tried to accomplish a mega communication operation for the benefit of the Polisario in certain American universities on the decolonization theme. His plans were thwarted by many chair professors who have refuted his thesis and arguments. Another lobbyist flop, his attempts to approach US senators and members of the Parliament on the free trade agreement between Morocco and Uncle Sam, about which it was made clear to him that the USA would never turn its back on its historical ally, which is Morocco. What remains for him to consol himself is half million dollars which his company receives each six months from its clients.





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