Exclusive : A summit conference DRS/Polisario in Algiers

From some security sources close to the Polisario Front Security Department, almost 300 executives from the Guerilla movement are invited in Algiers to take part in a common conference with the Algerian military security “the Security and Intelligence Department (DRS)”, in order to make the Front executives aware of “drifts” in Tindouf camps. From a confession made by a participant, Algerians, under the cover of “growing people’s awareness”, are giving a telling-off to the Polisario security executives, blaming them for the departure of Moustapha Ould Salma Sidi Mouloud, Secretary General of the Front police, towards Morocco, where he has given a press conference announcing its adherence to the Moroccan settlement plan, as well as his willingness to defend it in front of the Polisario leadership.
Another important point held against the Polisario security : their incapacity to hold back the stream of departures from the camps, the main majority of Sahrawis leaving Tindouf go to Morocco while a small part of them join the traffickers operating in the Sahel passage.

Finally, the most important source of concern is the creation of an informal cooperation axis between Polisario and Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI), an issue which has been tackled during a meeting including Mohammed Abdelaziz close collaborators, in charge of security, and two colonels from the DRS, in charge of Tindouf camps. The meeting agenda included the question of how to reinforce security measures in the camps in order to prevent some elements with extremist Islamist tendency to join AQMI. Another preoccupying issue : what kind of attitude should be adopted regarding the programmed return of Ould Salma Sidi Mouloud? To put him in prison means to have an important part of the most influential tribe of R’guibate against the Polisario and this situation would jeopardize the already delicate tribal stability



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