Mauritania : DRS’ shadow behind the suicide attack of Neema

Only twenty fours hours after the release of the Spanish hostages, that AQMI attacked Mauritania, in Neema, a city close to the frontiers with Mali. The former elements of the Algerian GSPC did not skimp on the means, willing to make the maximum of victims and damages. Fortunately, the explosion of the car full of explosives launched by a suicide bomber against the barracks of the city, ends up with no more than three people with minor injuries, and the death of the bomber. AQMI was quickly pointed out since the suicide attack against Mauritania happens one month after the Franco-Mauritanian military operation led against the bases of the terrorist organization in Mali. An attack which ended with the murder of 7 persons from the terrorist organization. Nevertheless, Western experts specialized in the Sahel do not exclude the existence of a link with the DRS, the Algerian military intelligence services, especially after the declarations made by the British Jeremy kenaan. For this anthropologist, fine judge of the Sahel zone, AQMI “move according to the interests of the Algerian authority”. Interests which the Algerian military hierarchy considers being burdened in the Spanish hostage’s releasing issue. After all, Algiers is not ready to forgive  Bamako, and certainly not  Nouakchott for having made easier the release of Omar, the Sahrawi. Responsible of kidnapping the two Spanish people, Omar the Sahrawi, known for his relationship with the Polisario, is also considered as AQMI kingpin for all kinds of traffic in the region.

Finally, the Algerian generals consider that the high ransom paid by Spain, a counter part which Madrid did not recognize, would finally serve to feed the AQMI guerrilla in the North of Algeria



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