Polisario concerned with its image being tarnished due to its involvement with AQIM

Polisario concerned with its image being tarnished due to its involvement with AQIMSince few weeks ago, panic is prevailing at the headquarters of the Polisario Front central office, in charge of propaganda and “growing awareness”. The office is responsible for managing the Front communication and formatting the guerrilla message. Indeed, the Front leaders are trying by all means to get rid of this new label, according to which a permanent link would exist between the Front and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) which can be proved through the involvement of Omar Sahraoui – a veteran of the Polisario, converted into Saharan “logistics” – in the abduction of three Spanish humanitarians in Mauritania. The Polisario has real reasons to worry, because if the terrorist drift of the movement were to get strengthened,

the limited international support, from which it is still benefiting, might decrease, for fear of being associated to an organization that supports the Salafis and jihadis movements operating in the Sahel under the banner of the Osama bin Laden movement. The mission has been entrusted to the Polisario “communication specialists” to mobilize all the manpower available, including the six staff members in Brussels, who are animating a “spontaneous” blog of the “Diaspora”. Their task is to try to systematically refute, through electronic media, the idea that the Polisario has set up an alliance with the AQMI, even if it means “omitting” that nearly twenty-five men of Mokhtar Belmokhtar, one of the emirs of the most bloodiest branch ofAQMI , were still, less than two years ago, wearing the Polisario uniform …


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