4 years without reprieve…

Except last minute surprise, Mohammed Abdelaziz should be reelected for another four years as secretary general of the Polisario Front.
Last minute reversal however, Mohammed Abdelaziz requires a revision of the internal regulations of the front so he cannot hold a new mandate after this one. Did the very strong pressure exerted by Morocco allied with the emergence of dissonant voices pushed Abdelaziz to introduce this clause to the program of the of the Polisario congress? Obviously, the reason for this reversal seems to find its source in Algiers. As Polisario Confidential revealed it yesterday,

 the spokesman of the Congress, Hamed Khaddad, received the visit of a DRS Colonel on Saturday to evaluate the viability of the potential successors of Mohammed Abdelaziz. There were no masses of pretendants. And it looks like Mohammed Abdelaziz will be reelected for another 4 years. The Algerian power will make sure however that those 4 years are nonrenewable.
It is with resignation that the members of Polisario prepare for four years of long speeches and tactical backings, while the third round of negotiations with Morocco is profiled at the horizon…


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