Polisario- AQMI : Another statement unveiling the confirmed links between Polisario and Al Qaïda

Between the good and evil, reason and the worst, dozens of thousands of Sahrawis settled in the Western Sahara have made the first choice. They have resisted to the separatist thesis and refused to follow the Polisario military group in its brinkmanship. It is the own statement of an American journalist who, till yesterday, was an ardent defender of the Polisario separatist thesis before discovering the hoax of Mohamed Abdelaziz and his team mates. Richard Miniter, a well-known investigating journalist has made a declaration  which was published on Thursday, on the newspaper « New York Post ». It is a real report on the situation which he made at the end of his tour in the region, during which he visited Tindouf camps and different cities in the Moroccan Southern Provinces, the former Western Sahara which was under Spanish occupation. The jounalist and writer Miniter who has written many best sellers, has gone straight to the point and stated frankly, relying on his fieldinvestigations, that the Polisario and the terrorist network of Al Qaïda In the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) are maintaining confirmed relations.

Relations which include namely the traffic of drugs, arms and kidnapping of Western citizens. « Links have been established between some 56 civil and military executives from the Polisario with the terrorist group (Al Qaïda) », confirmed Minter, minding that the territory under the Polisario control in the Sahara, is no man’s land « which is on its way to become another Afghanistan ». The presence of the terrorist nebula in North Africa, as he states, is growing stronger in the region. Tackling the situation in field, Richard Minter noted in a comparative analysis, the supported efforts made by Morocco which has mobilized billions of dollars to establish a prosperous  and stable society at the service of the populations and provinces in the South, while the sequestrated populations in Tindouf camps live since 35 years in difficult conditions. The Polisario, according to the American journalist, forbids political parties and independent media. Its leaders promise that once their state would be independent, they would adopt a multiparty democracy. But, what are they waiting for ? », wonders Richard Minter. « On the economic level, he continues, the camps led by the Polisario front rely on the charity of foreigners, Algeria, United Nations, European governments and non-profit-making humanitarian organizations. But these aids are not sufficient and push, each year, many people to disappear in the desert. Some go to Morocco, others join drugs smugglers or Al Qaïda », underlines Miniter. The latter also said that the vice-governor of the Polisario in laayoune camp told me in confidence « some four or five people » disappear each year. His camp is only one among five others, said the writer journalist. He also evoked another meeting with the former Polisario leader who escaped from the camps and told him in confidence this information on the existence of arms traffic with Al Qaïda. The American journalist has come to the conclusion that the fair solution to settle down this problem resides in the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco. It gives to Sahrawis the possibility of sharing the revenus of mining and fishing resources, while having the power to elect their own leaders and have their own legislative body. The only difficulty resides in the fact that the Polisario, because of its brinkmanship, prefers to rule in hell rather than serve in the paradise.



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