Urgent: the Polisario at a loss by the dismantling of the Gdem Izik camp

The Polisario delegation which went to New York for informal discussion with Morocco about the future of the Western Sahara, was caught unawares by the dismantling of the Gdem Izik camp, next to Laayoune, according to some sources close to the Prolisario Front Leadership.
The Polisario, badly advised by the DRS (Algerian military intelligence services) has great hope on the keeping of this camp in order to negotiate from a strong position. But the violence generated in the Gdem izik camp, provoking the dismantling of the tents camp, has taken a precious card from its hand. Finally, those people, on whom the Polisario relied, have themselves been harmful to the Front : the troublemakers inside the camp, most of them are ex-prisoners and well-known smugglers, have hastened the events. By bearing a grudge to the campers who were about to demolish their tents after having been satisfied as regards to their social claims, these uncontrollable gangs have spoiled everything. What follows is well known : the Moroccan order forces have intervened, releasing the campers who wanted to go back home and arresting the crooks who were armed with cudgels and  knives of all kinds.

Beyond these incidents which have accompanied this episod, the Polisario came to know that it is far from having the Sahrawis’ support. The latters have, along one month of protest in the Gdem izik camp, broken free from it. Their claims  were purely economic and social ones from the beginning till the end. A prospect which did not please to Polisario as it deprives it from an argument on which it relied a lot.



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