Wikileaks and the Polisario : towards a Djihadist drift?

Wikileaks, or the most important leak of diplomatic documents in the history, would have at least clarified the  belligerent positions in conflicts with less intensity existing everywhere in the world, among which the Western Sahara conflict. About the latter, we will be aware bit by bit that each of the protagonists would have had at least the merit of playing, in private, a music which is different from what he exposes to the public opinion. Concerning the Polisario, the question of the emerging of a Tindouf-AQMI axis is no more suiting the situation or the assumption, since a note from the US Embassy in Algiers, dated 16th December, 2009, that is less than one year- states that the Algerian Government has discovered “3 or 4 vehicles (4×4) which it supposes were to be used to transport goods between Mauritania and an AQMI rear base in the South of Tindouf”. The notes state that the Polisario Front leadership tries to struggle against the Djihadistes becoming more and more powerful in the camps “by censuring the access to the Islamists’ internet sites”.

This document which provides strong details about the difficulties faced by the Polisario official management and Algeria, so as to stop the powerful climbing speed of Islamists extremists’ ideologies inside Tindouf camps, allows to understand the stake importance. In fact, it is due, in some way, to the US diplomacy judgement that the risk of getting the Polisario Front contaminated by AQMI is a great challenge which should be undertaken, and  that it should have provided Algeria with the “technical” assistance by sending spy planes on its south frontiers…



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