Algeria Seeking Successor for Western Sahara Leader

The news is spreading at the speed of light in the halls of power in Algeria: over the past few weeks, Algeria’s Military Regime is seeking a successor to Mohammed Abdelaziz, the Polisario Separatist Group leader for nearly 30 years, whose position is threatened by differences in the direction of the group. Following the failure of the Separatists Group’s congress in Le Mans, France, last November, the decision has apparently been taken at the highest level of the  Algerian military authorities.
Mohammed Abdelaziz had difficulty mobilizing his supporters at the Polisario rally in Le Mans, despite a “sponsorship” of nearly two million Euros by Algeria’s Government, only about 200 people attended the event, with nearly half of them paid a per diem of € 300.
A large demonstration by Moroccans living in the area contributed to the failure of the congress, with a concert by the legendary group “Jil Jilala” as the main attraction for the Moroccan demonstrators.  During a speech at the congress, Mr. Abdelaziz was booed by the attendance. Algeria’s Military Government thinks that it might be time for a change of leadership for the Western Sahara guerrilla movement.

But it seems that the old leader of the Polisario is putting up a little resistance, and refuses to end his leadership of the guerrilla movement without a comfortable “compensation” for services rendered, and he also wishes to keep the title of “President of  “Western Sahara Republic”, when he looses the title of Secretary General of the Frente Polisario.
According to sources close to the leadership of the Polisario Front, Mr. Abdelaziz has even made the announcement, at a private meeting, that he hopes to end his days in the city of his birth, Marrakech, Morocco. A clear message to the Algerian authorities …



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