Pressure and intimidations on Mustapha Salma family in Tindouf

According to some sources close to the Polisario Front leaders, « deep pressures and intimidations » have been exerted these last days on Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud family members, in order to oblige them to « disown Mustapha publicly on television », after the latter has reiterated, from Mauritania, his wish to go back to Tindouf in order to defend the autonomy initiative. The first Polisario senior executive to have publicly expressed his wish to see the Western Sahara governed under a large autonomy, Mustapha Salma  represents a big stone in the Algerian military security, the dreadful DRS (Intelligence and Security Department). In fact, neither the promise of sizeable incomes, nor the intimidations exerted on his family were able to make the easily-offended former Polisario police chief change his mind. The disturbing fact, the Polisario senior executives make a fuss to express themselves on this subject, while they are used to be prompt at criticizing and condemning all those who were opposing the independence doctrine conceived by Algiers.

In the background, there are rumors that Mustapha Salma would have kept in a secret place, a copy of all the files which were in his possession while he was in charge of security affairs, including the explosive file on the « mysterious » disease from which Mohammed Abdelaziz, Polisario Front leader, is suffering. Because the Polisario is fearing that these files may be unearthed that the Front leaders remain amazingly discreet in their condemnation of Mustapha Salma.



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