Ould Souilem, the pebble in the Polisario boot

From some sources close to the Polisario leadership, the arrival to Madrid of the new Moroccan ambassador, Ahmedou Ould Souilem, has been followed with a great apprehension by the movement leaders and the Spanish sympathizers.
The ambassador is one of the Polisario founders during the 70s, who has defended the claim for independence during three decades before leaving Polisario and returning back to Morocco in 2009, when the autonomy plan was presented by Morocco.
Apart from his curricula, he knows perfectly well all the Polisario leadership members and their secrets. He knows in detail the nature of the relationship between each one of them and the DRS (Algerian intelligence services) which are controlling the Tindouf camps. Moreover, he is the one to have disclosed the health conditions of Mohammed Abdelaziz for having accompanied him abroad during many of his medical visits in search for a remedy to his mysterious disease.

Besides all the secret files which he had managed as a Polisario senior executive, Ahmedou Ould Souilem has represented the movement in many capitals before being appointed Minister Advisor to the President, a position which has allowed him to get acquainted with many important people at the international level. What annoys more the Polisario leaders and the Algerian services is his great knowledge of the main Front lobbies in Spain and the fact that he may get in touch with these people to promote the Moroccan agenda. From well informed sources, one of the main reasons of the delay accused in Ould Souilem taking over of his position in Madrid, would be due to the fact that he would organize his “portfolio” as regard to this relationship with activists close to the Polisario in Spain, whom he wishes to “convert” so that he would support the Moroccan autonomy plan.



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